Our Company

Founded and Current

MobiWeb Sdn Bhd was founded on 24th Jan 2007, by Mr H.P. Ang, Mr. T. Y. Wong, Mr. K. M. Ho and Mr. K. K. Leong; four software developers who started the company.

After a year, in 2008, MobiWeb Sdn Bhd obtained the coveted MSC status. With passions in software development, the team created VoIP softphone, PBX, web toll-free applications which lead them to start servicing multiple companies.

Along the way, the team created more and more solutions to help business operations internally and externally. One of the software created is BMO (Business Management Online application) which automates company operations from financial accounting, human resource management up to customer relations management. BMO can operate on the premise or hosted on the cloud. When data is entered in the BMO, data can be shared between departments making real time finance reports and customer service records, only a click away.

The POS software is another hot selling product from the MobiWeb Group, where you get the best piece of software along with an excellent POS hardware. The company provides customers with support and warranty besides being able to enhance their POS software to suit specific needs with the presence of a very strong support team and software developers.

In the year 2014, BizCloud Asia Sdn Bhd was formed to develop Mobile applications. Vocotext is a proprietary instant messaging software that works like “WhatsApp” but it is for the B2C (business to consumer) market. It provides a telecommunication channel for corporate internally within employees and externally between customers to corporate privately.

Today, January 2017 marks the 10th Year Anniversary for MobiWeb Sdn Bhd. The company has grown from a 4 man setup in January 2007 to 50 employees in January 2017, with branches in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru to better serve its customers in Malaysia and Singapore. Today MobiWeb is supporting customers 7 days a week with FREE online support.

All of our branches use the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to make calls within branches and externally to worldwide mobile phones. For example, phone calls in the KL branch can be transferred to the Penang branch without hanging up. This is one of the core technology bear by the MobiWeb Group and marketed by the wholly owned subsidiary; WebASP Sdn Bhd. Today we are servicing a lot of customers within Malaysia and Singapore for their PBX needs - which provides extensions in an office environment as well as their VoIP needs.

The MobiWeb Group’s products are designed to be used by (SMEs) Small and Medium Enterprises, especially entrepreneurs who are starting small. All our products will smoothen your daily operations and reduce corporate operational costs because many aspects of your SME operations can be automated and aided by our software. So, please contact us for more information.

Government Aid

The Malaysian government has been very helpful in supporting new startups. When we first started in 2007, we received support from the SME Corp (SME Corporation Malaysia), MDEC (Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation), MGS (MSC Malaysia Research and Development Grant Scheme) and the Northern Corridor. We are grateful for the support given by the Malaysian Government to help nurture a local software company.

Realizing the importance of human resource development in the software industry, we founded MobiWeb Infocenter Sdn Bhd as a HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund) certified training center to provide certified training courses for our products and to train more people in using our products.


The software industry is a borderless one, therefore we are looking to penetrate the Philippines market in 2017, with our currently available products. We intend to keep the momentum of growth in Malaysia and Singapore by gaining more market share within the VoIP, POS, BMO cloud (Accounting, CRM etc) and VocoText (instant messaging, SMS) sectors. We see that the markets in Malaysia and Singapore have even more potential now. With the R&D development in our software, we are getting all software integrated so it supports each other seamlessly. This will add on to our software ability to help many small and medium business owners start and operate their businesses effectively.

We realize the importance of family and work-life balance, therefore the MobiWeb Group is always aiming to build a better working environment for our employees. We have also taken efforts in reducing carbon footprint by using LED light bulbs (approx 500 pieces) in all our branches besides reducing the use of paper in between departments and branches.

We want all businesses to use our software to aid their business and marketing operations. We want to realize this vision by building the best software and providing the best service possible.


Humans are the core of a software development business. In Malaysia, we are fortunate to have a lot of talents in software development. However, we are constantly competing with Singapore and many MNC (multinational corporations) in terms of salary, benefits and overall working environments.

Software changes rapidly and it is very important to keep the pace. Our team has to be proactive, innovative and patient in developing and supporting our new and current customers. So, the challenge to develop a new, better, faster and fun to experience software is always there.

Attitude leads to a successful career. The right attitude gets you knowledge and experience. However, we think that there are much more improvement needed here as the new generation lives under ample resources, they are getting used to an easier life. Time management is an essential factor to building a successful life. Everyone is given 24 hours in a day, it depends on how you use it, that determines your future.

Many high tech companies are funded by big capital. They are not concerned about profit for now, but to make a stand and to gain market share. This is a trend where many entrepreneurs are aiming for funding rather than real sales and sustainability, it is good that more capital venture into the software industry, but at the same time, it provides a tough challenge for self funded software companies.

Community Service

After 10 years of entrepreneurship, we celebrated our achievement and gave some monetary donation of RM 20,888 to SMJK Jit Sin High School, RM5000 to Jit Sin Independent High School and RM2000 to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Nasyiatul Aisyiyah. Since then, we have continued our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by giving more monetary donation to various welfare centers as below.

Research & Development

Internal R&D
Software is the center of our business. The development of all software are done internally from scratch.

We have our own data center, servers co-location, server farm and R&D team lead by our co-founder.

Continuous Development
There are multiple R&D projects and titles that we are working on as well as enhancing our current product. Also, we handle customers requirements, custom demand, reports, hardware testing and development.

We believe, with a strong R&D, we can ensure the best experience for our customers and keep our products competitive in the future.

Our Vision

To provide modern business solution to worldwide corporates for smoother business operation, improve productivity and reduce operation cost.

Provide software solution that is being practice in MobiWeb to SME worldwide.

Mobiweb R&D


Highly reliable servers at AIMS & PLT